tZERO logo
Creative minds at tZERO are working on new technology that allows the trade of security tokens in an easy, compliant, and user-friendly manner. Visit
Bitt logo
Bitt makes online money transfers simple with payment systems that promote social inclusion, financial empowerment and economic growth for this and future generations. Visit
Medici Land Governance logo
Medici Land Governance is using blockchain and other technologies to bring property ownership information to light and connect it to the global economy. Visit
GrainChain logo
GrainChain's innovative platform can facilitate prompt payment to suppliers and farmers, and the immediate availability of tradable commodities to buyers. Visit
Voatz logo
The minds behind Voatz intend to redefine how the world votes by replacing long lines and outdated voting systems with everyday smart devices with biometric ID and blockchain irrefutability to provide accurate and tamper free voting. Visit
Evernym logo
Evernym has a revolutionary new digital identity solution that will reduce costs, transform customer experiences, and outperform competitors. Visit
SettleMint logo
The enthusiastic team at SettleMint has created a platform which will help you integrate blockchain technologies into your business by providing solutions for nearly every business use-case. Visit
Ripio logo
Ripio has created a digital wallet that provides a simple way to send and receive money, buy and sell bitcoins, and even pay in installments without credit card on any website accepting Bitcoin. Visit
Spera logo
Spera’s all-in-one freelance website platform helps independent business owners by providing tools that will help find and post jobs, manage projects, and get paid with a free Spera merchant account. Visit
PeerNova logo
PeerNova® is a digital transformation company with a mission to empower financial institutions to unlock their data, increase efficiency, and discover opportunities. Cuneiform® is PeerNova's zero-code platform that automates data quality for end-to-end (E2E) visibility. Visit
Finclusive logo
FinClusive provides a high-compliance, blockchain-architected digital banking, routing, and payments platform that is accessible to companies and individuals underserved, excluded, and derisked by traditional banking. Visit
Netki logo
Netki is building the future of trust with advanced biometrics, a fully automated, scalable solution, and deep industry knowledge, to ensure compliance in all your digital transactions. Visit
Minds logo
Minds is building a new model for content creators to take back their Internet freedom, revenue, and social reach. Creators get paid in crypto for their contributions to the community. Visit
Vinsent logo
Vinsent is a blockchain based platform that enables thousands of wineries to streamline funding by selling wine futures and developing direct connections with their consumers. Visit
Symbiont logo
Symbiont Smart Securities® technology provides institutions with a unified ledger for sharing business logic and market data through immutable blockchain technology. Visit
Factom logo
Factom has created a breakthrough authentication solution that lets you secure physical documents on the Blockchain helping create, organize, and report documents proofs, data, decisions and activities within your organization. Visit
Votem logo
Votem's goal is to make mobile voting a reality. In 2015, they held a world-wide challenge for experts to create a hack-proof voting system. Out of 110 submissions from 32 countries, the winning solution was a blockchain system. Visit
Vital Chain logo
Vital Chain is working to end the reliance on legacy paper-based systems for birth and death certificate management. They are reducing the paperwork burden for medical professionals while making the process more secure. Visit
Chainstone logo
Our mission is to decentralize asset management systems for investors, investment advisors, brokers, funds and money managers. Visit
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