Security Engineer

Security Engineer

Medici Ventures is looking for a hands-on security engineer to help ensure the security of our application code and cloud deployments.


* Conduct internal penetration testing and direct remediation efforts across all software products

* Prioritize and address identified issues to coordinate efforts with our product development and engineering teams

* Proactively develop security guidance for future projects and technologies

* Execute operational and organizational security not limited to configuring computers and conducting security trainings

* Improve the secure software development lifecycle practices across the engineering team through 1-1 interactions, and training in larger groups

* Advocate security across the whole business

* Plan and execute external penetration testing and external security audits as needed.



* Practical knowledge of the latest web application security issues and security trends

* Experience with secure code review of web and mobile applications

* Diverse range of security experience at an enterprise level in IT

* Knowledge of common web vulnerabilities, including testing and remediation

* Experience protecting against and mitigating real world attacks

* Knowledge of mobile platform security architectures

* Experience with security automation

* Experience with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

* Background in applied cryptography



* BS/MS degree in Computer Science or related field, and/or equivalent work experience

* Software development background

* Cyber security management experience monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing production systems

* Experience with commercial application scanning tools and vulnerability scanning tools

* Experience with cloud-deployed applications

* Ability to assess physical and other process related security using social engineerin