Sr. Android Developer

Sr. Android Developer

The Senior Android Developer will work closely with a dynamic team of developers with a goal to provide an app experience that facilitates increased interactions and purchases of cryptocurrencies. This role will work full time in a team setting to fix bugs, add new features, integrate SDK’s, clean code and increase app stability.

Job Responsibilities

* Review and document existing application code

* Provide maintenance support to existing application code

* Perform new application development

* Code clean-up and SVN administration

* Automation of development tasks

* Interface with BA's for requirement gathering

* Define functional design for requirements implementation

* Write code and unit tests

* Critical systems development

* Integration with RESTful Web Services

* Integration with legacy data & applications

* Assess visual app design and offer UX and aesthetic feedback

* Perform other duties as required and assigned by manager and upper management.

* Follow legal policies as directed.


Job Requirements

* 2+ years of Android software development experience

* Proficiency in Object Oriented design and programming

* Strong knowledge of Java SE

* Understand and use quality coding patterns

* Experience with the following on Android:

* Android SDK (Activities, Fragments, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers, Adapters)

* Understanding of Activity and Fragment lifecycle

* Scale Android UI across multiple devices

* Create custom views

* Work with Bitmaps

* Experience with animations and transitions on Android

* Troubleshoot and fix performance issues



* Experience with RxJava, Dagger, Retrofit, OkHttp, Espresso, Android Architecture Component, Android Data Binding

* Kotlin

* Strong Linux/Unix skills

* Experience working in a Web-based eCommerce technology environment

* Experience with Agile development methodologies



Java SE, Android SDK, RxJava, Dagger, Retrofit, OkHttp, Espresso, Android Architecture Component, Android Data Binding, Kotlin, Linux



Bachelor's degree required